You wana see talent!!???

So I know I haven't blogged in a while but it's cuz school is stressin me out and shit.
Buttt....besides that! my point is!
Im a huge Paramore fan and I borrowed my friends iPod and took all his Paramore music and gave him all mine.
So in all the songs I got from him, there's obviously the ones I listen to more than others. There were a few songs I never listened to like 'Misguided Ghosts' and 'Where the lines Overlap' and 'Turn it off' and some others. I was more a fan of my faves like my #1 Fave Paramore - 'Franklin' and 'I caught myself' 'Decoy' 'Here we go again' 'Careful' 'Playing God' and some others.
But one day I fell asleep with my iPod in my head and when I woke up the next morning, the song that was playing that very instant in my head in the iPod when I woke up was 'Misguided Ghosts'...and sub-consciously everyone one knows to learn lyrics to a song easy, fall asleep with it playing in your head.
Anyway, went to school, song stuck in my head and the little lyrics. And the part thats stuck in my head was
and I just thought that was sooo deep! I got obsessed with the song with those few lines that kept repeating in my head that as soon as I got home I had to find the song on youtube to hear the original version. I did (RELIEF!!) and after I did, saw this girl cover it and fell in love with her cover more!
THIS IS TALENT!!!!! Not Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez!


Dancing Davis

So we wana take the time out to blog about a young talented dance star.

Real name: (Dominic Nunez Davis)
Stage name: (Dancing Davis)

We first discovered him when we followed the JabbaWockeez to a small Caribbean Island called Trinidad.
Unfortunately...The JabaWockeez were a no show :(
But we had this young man to spice things up a bit.

Since Articles on this is so hard to find...I am going to recall from memory.

The gates opened and the party was booming to its national caribbean music. The crowd was elated and sang along in long hopes an anticipation to see the JabbaWockeez.
The "party" kept on until the midnight hour hit. Soon the VJ announced the JabbaWockeez were unable to make it :(.
Everyone was disappointed and the crowd reacted in a very unmannerly, but funny way as people began yelling "we want our money back" and "you see why I should have stayed my ass home".
But this didn't stop them and changed their minds.....The "party" kept on booming.
We were however promised and expecting a show. (Which was eventually later done by other contestants of America's Best Dance Crew)

Meanwhile, while in expectancy of the show we were promised, to liven the party, or should I say awaiting crowd...The VJ called up young talents from out the crowd who think they had skil. One in particular came out and caught our eye. "Dancing Davis".
He was soooo amazing! It showed that he was highly skilled in this art. The way he popped, locked and rooollllleeeedddd it had the crowd going wild. He had robotic moves, mixed with worm moves...a whole combination...all good!
Inevitably (to me) he won the little competition it evolved into!

Ever since we've been tracking him down and we finally got in touch with him via his twitter (click link to follow him).

We do apologize that there isnt any video's or any articles about this because like we said, it is a small country. :(
We would love to show case his talent but there isn't any video's or anything.
But we do guarantee you he has talent.

He has charisma and character in his pictures and he is handsome.
We will try to bring you a better update on this soon enough :)

Shakira's Ass!

Our new blog post speaks for itself! SHAKIRA HAS THE MOST PERFECT ASS OUT!!
If you Disagree...then you MUST be GAY! :D


April Denise aka 'lovemydimples' the funniest bitch on Twitter!

Ok we're taking this time to talk about this woman we found on Twitter! Funny as HELL! Her name is April Denise.

We'll go back to the start when I was quickly scrolling through comments from a trending topic looking for a particular one and I saw her name. 'lovemydimples'. It caught my eye and I scrolled back up and was like "Double-you Teee Efff!?" and I laughed in my head and said "Thats the funniest Twitter name I've ever seen" And I had to check her out!

Entered on her page and damn those dimples were toilet bowl deep! That was the first thing I noticed. Then I began looking through her tweets and they were off the 'Chizane'!
Some really funny stuff! LIKE REALLY FUNNY STUFF!

So next time you guys log into Twitter...Follow Her! She's Awesome! And she watches PORN!! Who doesn't like a girl who watches porn! lol :^P

I'm just gonna post some of her tweets I really liked.

Well to begin...the tirade with her roomate! hahahahaha!

My roommate gone get her ass beat if she keep trying me I'm not the fucking one. IDK how they do it in Texas but in GA we hit hoes.

I hate this hoe. She always preaching bout Jesus #Nshit. Ima send her black ass to meet him reaaaaalll soon.

My roommate woke up talmbout (talkin' bout) "Good Morning April." Bitch don't "Good morning" me I don't like yo ass.

If she wasn't a crab ass nigga that like to call the police on niggas I'd tell her we need to fight in the living room.

I'm mad bc last night she locked me out the house and took forever to open the door I STILL said "thank you" and she said "whatever."

That shit is RUDE and I dont know who the fuck she think she was talking to but don't say "whatever" when IM talking to you.

Then She just tweets funny shit like when she went on a 'Why People On Twitter' tirade! (The ones I liked)

I'm finna go in on
#WhyPeopleOnTwitter in 5...4...3...2.....

#WhyPeopleOnTwitter argue back and forth over dumb shit? Take yo ass to Maury with all that drama cause WE don't give a fuck.

#WhyPeopleOnTwitter get offended by peoples tweets #Nshit. Take yo sensitive ass to Myspace...Twitter is for real niggas only.

#WhyPeopleOnTwitter subtweet about hoes they see everyday? Why you steady TWEETING about what you gone do? HIT THAT BITCH OR SHUT UP.

#WhyPeopleOnTwitter ONLY tweet inspirational stuff ALL DAY LONG....Look u sappy ass mofo (mother fucker) we see Rev Runs pimp hat in our timeline enuf -___-

#WhyPeopleOnTwitter tweet abt a hoe or a nigga that does them wrong or broke their heart everyday.Invest in a journal bc no one gives a fuck

#WhyPeopleOnTwitter be tweeting while they at church. Talmbout #NowReading Psalms 31... GET yo ass off Twitter and pay attention... Jezebel.

And The best Retweet to date was this ►►► @RobynMahe who the hell needs cable, when u can just #FOLLOW @lovemydimples... If ur not following her, do it NOW! shes mad funny.

Im gonna stop there! If you want more of here to follow her! You WON'T regret it!! TRUST ME! I DIDN'T!


Proof that Justin Bieber CANNOTcannot sing!!!!!!!!

We all know how much I dislike Justin I got proof that Justin Bieber Cannot sing and ONLY REASON everyone thought he could have was because PUBERTY didn't hit him yet! But has and his voice is cracking and it sounds AWFUL! Sounds Like A Bull Frog is trying to crawl up his Oesophagus. Check out the Proof on the link Down Below.


Who's hotter between Cariba Heine and Hilary Rhoda?? i have this Crazy Adorement of these two girls....but i don't know who is hotter!!??? so you guys can help me!

Hilary Rhoda (GORGEOUS brunette)

Or Cariba Heine (GORGEOUS blonde)


Everyone just thinks he's hot and sexy cause he can sing...but when puberty hits him full force & he looses his voice we'll just see how great he is!

Ok I think people is making a wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to big fuss out of Justin Bieber!! I mean he can sing and that's it!! But that voice is just for now! And I voted who was sexier between Him, Ryan Sheckler, Zac Efron, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas. And JUSTIN BIEBER WAS IN THE LEAD! Now come on everyone!!! don't be Fucking foolish! I mean, Look at that pic! he's gross and no where close to cute or sexy! so everyone just GET A GRIP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!