Dancing Davis

So we wana take the time out to blog about a young talented dance star.

Real name: (Dominic Nunez Davis)
Stage name: (Dancing Davis)

We first discovered him when we followed the JabbaWockeez to a small Caribbean Island called Trinidad.
Unfortunately...The JabaWockeez were a no show :(
But we had this young man to spice things up a bit.

Since Articles on this is so hard to find...I am going to recall from memory.

The gates opened and the party was booming to its national caribbean music. The crowd was elated and sang along in long hopes an anticipation to see the JabbaWockeez.
The "party" kept on until the midnight hour hit. Soon the VJ announced the JabbaWockeez were unable to make it :(.
Everyone was disappointed and the crowd reacted in a very unmannerly, but funny way as people began yelling "we want our money back" and "you see why I should have stayed my ass home".
But this didn't stop them and changed their minds.....The "party" kept on booming.
We were however promised and expecting a show. (Which was eventually later done by other contestants of America's Best Dance Crew)

Meanwhile, while in expectancy of the show we were promised, to liven the party, or should I say awaiting crowd...The VJ called up young talents from out the crowd who think they had skil. One in particular came out and caught our eye. "Dancing Davis".
He was soooo amazing! It showed that he was highly skilled in this art. The way he popped, locked and rooollllleeeedddd it had the crowd going wild. He had robotic moves, mixed with worm moves...a whole combination...all good!
Inevitably (to me) he won the little competition it evolved into!

Ever since we've been tracking him down and we finally got in touch with him via his twitter (click link to follow him).

We do apologize that there isnt any video's or any articles about this because like we said, it is a small country. :(
We would love to show case his talent but there isn't any video's or anything.
But we do guarantee you he has talent.

He has charisma and character in his pictures and he is handsome.
We will try to bring you a better update on this soon enough :)


  1. he realy sweet eh


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